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Enhancing Citywide Security: A Major Municipal Corporation’s Robust Surveillance Solution

A major Municipal Corporation (local governing body) of Thane district aims to implement a robust 24/7, 365-days surveillance mechanism across its 700+ territories within a 20km radius. This involves deploying HD cameras at strategic locations and establishing a centralized monitoring system.

Requirements Requirements

Monitor and cover all territories which falls under the governing body with HD cameras.

Monitor any untoward incidents and movement in the areas which aim towards public safety and interest.

User interface for
network management
and monitoring.

High availability to
ensure minimal

Solution Solution

Cnergee's multi-layered solution empowered the Municipal Corporation to address security concerns, improve public connectivity, and gain valuable insights.

01. 01.

SDWAN-as-a-Service, WAN-as-a-Service & Cybersecurity-as-a-Service for an Enhanced Surveillance & Security network infrastructure

The Corporation’s HD cameras connected to Cnergee’s SIM-based CPE devices which have been deployed inside weather-shielded enclosures installed on an erect pole at specific distances for continuous surveillance.

This provisions for cellular backup and continuous data transmissions curbing any disruptions in connectivity of WAN links.

Integration of multiple concentrators has streamlined data flow and enhanced surveillance capabilitie

Additionally, a secure and private network is created through our SDWAN solution via tunnelling between their Hub and Spoke locations providing robust security of their networks.

Our Differentiator

Secure and Scalable: Ensures data privacy and
accommodates future
network expansion.

02. 02.

Monitoring-as-a-Service for Operational Efficiency

Cnergee’s Centralized monitoring via Orchestrator and user management reduce manual workload with a clear visibility status.

Our Differentiator

Data-Driven Insights: User footfall data provides
valuable information for
future planning.

Benefits Benefits

Enhanced security through continuous surveillance across multiple territories

Timely detection and response to any suspicious activity or movement within the governed area

Centralized management and monitoring for improved efficiency and effectiveness

Secure and private network infrastructure ensures data integrity and confidentiality

Insights from video analysis
inform proactive security

Enhanced security fosters a safer and more secure environment for residents