WiFi Solution

Complete solution for WiFi


BEL-WiFi is a complete end to end technology solution which helps to
set up a private / public WiFi network in your premises.

Feature rich BEL-WiFi enables you to configure and create internet access to
your users / guests based on various configurable parameters. Captive portal
/ app facilitates this access and also helps you to communicate with the users.

Bel-WiFi Features

User Creation

Users can be created manually or automatically. It can be based on user form, social log in or SMS request.

User Data

User form can be customized to capture user data. Phone, E-Mail, other personal data or even feedback questions can be asked.

User Policies

Different user types such as Staff, Guest, etc. can be created. Policies such as bandwidth, duration, access levels, etc. can be implemented.

Pricing & Payments

Different pricing such as free, free then paid, paid, activity based free, vouchers, etc. can be implemented. Digital payments can be integrated.

Location Tracking

User’s location based on access point can be tracked. User movement, heat map can be traced.

Captive Portal & App

Customized captive portal / app can be provided for user creation, access and communication with user.

Content Delivery

Advertising, branding content can be delivered to user based on time, location, etc. The delivery modes can be app notification, SMS, Email.


BEL-WiFi is compatible with multiple access point, ISPs, networking switches and routers. It can be easily integrated with all.

User Logs

Complete user logs and activities are recorded and can be used for MIS purpose. Number of logins, browsing data, time, etc. is tracked.

Bel-WiFi Benefits

Bel-WiFi Benefits

Bel-WiFi Use Cases

Bel-WiFi Use Cases
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