Carrier grade cluster & built-in Radius Server

What is RADIUS?


Accounting, measures the resources a user consumes during access. This can include the amount of system time or the amount of data a user has sent and/or received during a session.


Authentication provides a way of identifying a user, typically by having the user enter a valid user name and password. The BEL-RADIUS server compares user's authentication credentials with user credentials stored in a database.


Following authentication, a user must gain authorization for doing certain tasks. The authorization process determines whether the user has the authority to issue commands. Once you have authenticated a user, they may be authorized for different types of access or activity.


BEL-RADIUS has a simple to understand user friendly portal and interactive configurable parameters. Dashboard is multilingual and comes with multi-theme provisioning. Live dashboard is configurable. As per user role and purpose of user access to the system the dashboard module permission can be provided. It provides info on CAF, subscribers, sales, revenue, net growth, collection, ARPU & complaint. Data is available in real-time basis which extends business fish bone analysis. QoS toss, volume slicing, etc are the added advantages. Business entailed authentication and factors related to it are configurable and acts as a turnkey solution with 360 degree branding

  • Scalability : BEL-RADIUS is capable of supporting large number of concurrent users on standard suggested hardware.
  • Quality Of Service : BEL-RADIUS provides better overall performance and assures guaranteed data flow
  • Redundancy : BEL-RADIUS architecture is ideally defined that failover and load balancing is taken care of so that system can reach its SLA
  • Easy Implementation : BEL-RADIUS implementation and daily operation process is self defined therefore it can be ideally manageable with lesser resources
  • Plug & Play Gateway Integration : Predefined payment gateway is available for easy integration. SMS gateway provision is generic hence any gateway can be easily integrated.
  • Fully Dynamic Permission Based Portal: Bel-RADIUS has provision to create user based roles with respect to each page and module.
  • Multi-level Hierarchy Provision : Unlike traditional fixed hierarchy; BEL-RADIUS has provision to go for n-level hierarchy


Bel-Radius Benefits
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