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Multi hybrid network is more efficient.

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Integrated Hybrid Solutions For Futuristic Networks


It is integrated and comparatively less expensive—it saves you the overall costs of procuring, installing, managing and maintaining separate components.

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A first of its kind focussed ISP software; CMAYA cleverly visualizes your business requirements and walks you into a new realm of controls.

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A flexible way to consume enterprise network infrastructure


Provide a Network as a Service (NaaS) based platform which will help Telcos, ISPs, managed service providers, application providers, system integrators and Government entities to become service providers to their end customers.

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Work from AnywhereUNIGR8WAYS

“WFA” offers many advantages to organization. It saves them huge costs, reduces HR issues and increases employee’s productivity

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Office ConnectUNIGR8WAYS

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We have developed a solution UniGr8ways which provides lite SD-WAN (Light weight in cost, resources, complexity and manageability).

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It is a Managed Services Platform.
Buying these products drains away your vital CAPITAL.

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CMAYA is an integrated business application used by more than 60 ISP's managing over a million subscribers PAN India.

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BEL-RADIUS has a simple to understand user friendly portal and interactive configurable parameters.

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We are trusted by great customers such as Interport Global Logistics, Vishwas Bank, Konark Bank, Saraswat Infotech, Shivkrupa patpedhi

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Integrated cloud solutions

Our vision is to provide a Simplified, Scalable, Cost Effective, Networking Solutions and services to meet ever changing business challenges. The control plane is centrally activated, monitored and managed. With a pay-as-you-consume model, capabilities and features can be utilized based on SLA.

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